The English Maverick ESOL Programme

We offer proven ESOL language tuition courses designed to build expertise, knowledge and confidence for each and every student that joins us.

Our course materials are created to meet and exceed your needs, using carefully crafted lesson plans that deliver an immersive, stimulating and consistently challenging experience. 

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Maverick is a highly specialised tuition centre that delivers ESOL tuition courses designed to build expertise, knowledge and supreme confidence in each and every student that becomes one of the highly motivated, dedicated students. 

Our unique ESOL course materials are created to meet and exceed your needs with carefully crafted lesson plans that deliver involving, stimulating and consistently challenging experiences. 

The lesson content and work materials are already proven in their relevance to our student’s demanding and exacting requirements. Maverick’s experience and insights deliver memorable and confidence building content that focus your attention, building expertise and practical application and knowledge which maximises your learning during each and every session.

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Are you ready to learn?

Online or Face to Face, the choice is yours

We have two methods of participation for its students wanting to be a part of the Maverick ESOL learning experience at our centre here in Halifax.

Online ESOL Course Sessions: During these challenging times, we’re fully online which we’ve found a significant proportion of our students appreciate and wish to be involved in.

Face to Face Course Sessions: For those students who wish to be involved with their learning courses on a personal level, Maverick offers office-based courses delivered in a welcoming environment incorporating all the required Covid secure protocols to ensure everyone’s security and comfort.

Online or Face to Face, the choice is yours. If you’ve any questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 01422 399 418 or send us a message on and we’ll answer anything you’d like to ask us.

Why you should choose the English Maverick

We’re committed to your success. When you’re successful, we’re over the moon and that for us, is what it’s all about. We care, we’re passionate about what we do and how we do it.

It’s your success that drives us and makes us the best choice for diligent, high-flying students to strive to be up there with the best of the best.

If you think the Maverick method of hard work, involving and challenging English coursework is what you need to improve your English language skills, then please call us now on 01422 399 418, for a chat about what it is you’re looking to achieve.

Feel free to reach us anytime, we’d be absolutely delighted to hear from you.


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How does the enrolment process work?

We like to take a lot of care when student’s first join us, as we want every single person that takes part in a session to be comfortable and absolutely ready to learn. 

1) If you think you’d like to begin the process of enrolment then call us at 01422 399 418 for an informal chat about what it is we offer and how we can help. Alternately, you can always drop us an email with your questions and thoughts to

2) After our phone or email conversation, we’ll send you a dedicated assessment form. This form is carefully crafted to show abilities, strengths and weaknesses in major areas of the English language. 

All we ask is that the prospective student completes the form by themselves without any outside help. Once that’s been completed and sent back to us, we can analyse the results and when that is combined with our our experience and scoring formulae, we will then be able to offer a choice of groups they’re best suited to join.

3) Once that choice has been made, we’ll send the confirmation form, ask you to return it and we’ll send you the Maverick welcome pack with all the bits and pieces a new student needs to be a part of the Maverick experience.

Are you ready to learn?