Learning at Maverick

Boost your confidence and abilities in all aspects of written and spoken English.

Understanding Punctuation

What’s an ellipsis and when can I use it in my written work?
When should I use inverted commas?
What’s the difference between a hyphen and a dash?
Can I use a comma before and?
What is an asterisk used for?

Grammar Awareness

Should I use contractions in my spoken and written English?
What’s the difference between the past perfect and present perfect tenses?
What’s the difference between ‘its’ and ‘it’s’?
Can I begin a sentence with a conjunction?
What is the progressive form and when do I use it?

Improving Comprehension

Should I study the given passage before I answer the first question?
Are the answers to the questions always in the given passage?
Can I use ‘yes’ and ‘no’ as answers?
What is framing and how do I use it?
Can I use quotes from the passage to answer the questions?

Expanding Vocabulary

Can I use French phrases and words in my spoken and written English?
Do I pronounce their, there and they’re differently?
How do I paraphrase someone correctly?
How do I improve my public speaking skills?
What are clichés and is it acceptable to use them?

Creative Writing

Should I use metaphors or similes in my writing?
How many lines are there in a paragraph?
What is meant by ‘writing in the third person’?
Is it acceptable to use slang in my written work?
What’s the best way to plan my essay?

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