Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment will I need?

To take part in our sessions you’ll need a laptop or computer connected to the internet with Zoom installed. A web camera would be useful to allow for face to face communication. A printer to print out lessons and homework along with a scanner or camera to allow you to send your finished work back to me.

How often are the online sessions scheduled?

Most students are scheduled for one session every week. However, should you think your child need to ramp-up their learning, just before exams as an example, then we can accommodate extra sessions if that suits their needs.

Are the sessions weekdays and weekends?

Yes. Classes are scheduled Monday to Saturday beginning at 09:00 and finishing at 20:00.

How long is each online session?

Each session is scheduled to run for 60 minutes.

Are the groups sorted by skill level?

Yes. The groups are segmented with the utmost care and diligence providing the best match for everyone who takes part in the online sessions. The assessment forms are a vital and integral part of the segmentation process insomuch that the individual’s feedback lets us quantify experience and current standards, giving us the intelligence to place a student in an online group of matched English language ability.

Will I be assessed during my time with Maverick?

Yes. All students are assessed on a regular basis with comprehensive reports fed back to the individual for review and comments.

Will I be given homework?

Yes, on regular occasions, each student will receive a task from Maverick that requires some private study time to complete it thoroughly.

Can I jump in and out of online scheduled sessions?

We strongly urge you not to do this, it as it disturbs the learning curve of the individual.  Sessions are created in weekly modules which overlap, therefore one missed session could impact on the next session they’re scheduled to be a part of.

What happens if I'm not feeling too well and can’t take part?

We’ll do everything we can to bring a student back up to speed with the session they’ve missed. However, missing a class will mean they’ll have to find some spare time in a catch-up session that we’ll schedule in for them.

Am I able to change my online session time?

Given the fact we’ve carefully chosen a group to match their abilities, it can be somewhat tricky to change schedules, however, we’ll do our utmost to accommodate their needs in the circumstances.

Can I join their brother or sister’s online group?

As mentioned earlier, the groups are rigorously selected to match ability. If our assessment criteria match with their siblings, then of course we’d be happy to place them as a family unit.

Can I recommend a friend and will he or she be allowed into my online group?

Again, it’s all about the assessment process which matches abilities.

If our assessment criteria find a match with that friend, then of course we’d be happy to place them in the same group.

How quickly will I progress?

If your child applies themselves and works hard, involving and applying their existing skills to improve and enhance their abilities, they’ll progress very rapidly.

If I don’t understand a particular aspect of an online session, can I reach my tutor privately for a chat about it?

Yes. Their tutor will be more than happy to chat privately about the issue or issues with them to clear up any misunderstandings. 

How many participants are there in an online Maverick group?

Online groups are normally between eight to ten individuals as we like to keep the groups small, equally matched and personalised. We’ve learnt it’s the most effective way for our students to learn quickly and progress.

Does Maverick ‘promote’ an individual into a higher-level group?

Yes. The process of continual assessment ensures that exceptional individuals that apply themselves and work hard will be offered a ‘promotion’ based on their commitment and attainment levels.

What can you expect from Maverick?

You will get one hundred percent of the following: commitment, professionalism, empathy, courteousness, enthusiasm, motivation and a passionate desire for their personal success.

What does Maverick want from its students?

Maverick would like its students to give one hundred percent of the following: commitment, passion, courteousness to those they work with in a group, punctuality and above all, a can-do attitude with a passionate desire to excel and ultimately an unquenchable desire for personal success.

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