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Maverick is the first choice when looking for the best truly interactive online English tuition, helping everyone achieve the standards they require.

We’re a dedicated team that are committed to one thing, and that’s the success of every student that enrols in one of our confidence and skills building programmes. Our student’s success is why we do what we do, and it’s that commitment to a Maverick’s student’s success that drives everything we do on their behalf.

Our unique, high quality, challenging and involving lesson materials are created to meet and exceed current educational goals, taking our students to new levels of achievement. We focus on consistent improvement with each session we share, specifically written and created to enhance existing skills, while at the same time introducing new areas of English language expertise that builds knowledge and inspires confidence in our student’s writing and speaking abilities.

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In these challenging times, with all the uncertainty we face, it’s vitally important to maintain the discipline of consistency regarding educational attainment and achievement. That uncertainty creates inertia which in and of itself slows an individual’s learning process and ultimately slows progress.

A Maverick English course maintains that consistency of learning and individual improvement which equates to a higher level of attainment throughout this current uncertainty. We’re proud of what we do and how we do it and proudest of all in how we create an environment where an individual’s commitment to hard work the results in astonishingly rewarding success.

I’d better sign off now or I’ll be accused of talking too much. However, before you go, I’d be grateful if you’d contact me at the Maverick Centre on 01422 399 418 to have a chat about arranging a written language assessment and take a few minutes to ask any questions you need answers to.

Once again, thanks for popping by and I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Simon Cuthbert
Maverick’s Managing Partner


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Maverick is the first choice when looking for the best truly interactive online English tuition, helping everyone achieve the standards they require.

As a parent you’ll realise that these new times need a radical online approach to help improve your children’s English. Maverick offers tailored courses for each of the Key Stage classification levels they’re currently studying.  Our courses give them the knowledge to achieve outstanding results in all aspects of their written and spoken English work

What we Do

Maverick prides itself in creating an atmosphere where all individuals can excel.

Each Maverick tuition group is carefully and thoughtfully selected to ensure students of the same level work together. This mean that a Maverick lesson replicates and enhances the classroom experience they’ve become so familiar with.

Maverick groups are deliberately small, between eight and ten students in each session, and have been created to ensure each and every student is actively involved from beginning to end. This gives them a host of opportunities to fully participate in each lesson they’re a part of.

Key Stage Groups

Maverick creates an interactive learning space where everyone can develop, grow and flourish.

Maverick assessments and lesson content follow the UK educational Key Stage classifications, so you can be sure your child is improving upon the curriculum materials and milestones expected of them.  

Maverick helps them achieve those goals, as we want them to exceed their expectations, push their boundaries and challenge themselves in each interactive session.

It won’t always be easy, there’s some tough challenges and no doubt a few bumps in the road ahead, but if they persevere, apply their skills and knuckle down to the challenge, then success will be theirs for the taking.

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