Rapid and Measurable English Language Enrichment

Online English courses developed for all skill levels

20 years of experience

Unparalleled experience teaching English here in the UK and in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong

The right group for you

Our groups are carefully chosen to match individual skill levels and language needs, ensuring maximum learning benefits for all

Intensive One-to-One

For those requiring an intensive learning experience, Maverick offers fully personalised One-to-One courses

Helping improve your English

Maverick is the first choice when looking for the best truly interactive online English tuition, helping everyone achieve the standards they require.

As a parent you’ll realise that these new times need a radical online approach to help improve your children’s English. Maverick offers tailored courses for each of the Key Stage Classification levels they’re currently studying.  Our courses give them the knowledge to achieve outstanding results in all aspects of their written and spoken English work

Frequently asked Questions

How long is each online session?

Each session is scheduled to run for 60 minutes.

Are the groups sorted by skill level?

Yes. The groups are segmented with the utmost care and diligence providing the best match for everyone who takes part in the online sessions. The assessment forms are a vital and integral part of the segmentation process insomuch that the individual’s feedback lets us quantify experience and current standards, giving us the intelligence to place a student in an online group of matched English language ability.

Will my child be assessed during their time with Maverick?

Yes. All students are assessed on a regular basis with comprehensive reports fed back to the individual for review and comments.

How quickly will they progress?

If your child applies themselves and works hard, involving and applying their existing skills to improve and enhance their abilities, they’ll progress very rapidly.

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